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This is a basketball replica used in all FIBA tournaments, with the ball making its debut at the 2019 Basketball World Cup. The BG5000 premium leather basketball can be used when brand new in both practice and games.

  • Less Slippery:The new surface texture gives the ball an optimum grip over traditional pebble grip basketballs, even when in contact with sweat or moisture
  • Composite Leather Texture: BG5000 takes full advantage of the composite leather properties to ensure better texture and offering more consistent grip in these segments of the ball.
  • Offical Game Ball replica
  • Cover Material: Premium composite Leather
  • High Foamed Structure: Yes
  • Branding Print: Yes
  • Construction / Technology 12 Panel Giugiaro
  • Bladder Butyl
  • Supplied Deflated Inflated
  • Suitable Playing Surface: Indoor


SKU: B7G5000
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