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 NYCSBA vision is to be recognized for fulfilling its mission by accomplishing the following goals:

      I.    To support the academic and athletic achievement of each student-athlete
      II.   To be acknowledge as a premier partner with student-athletes’ educators and coaches
      III.  To have the respect of student-athletes’ parents and the community-at-large
      IV.  To succeed in helping student-athletes achieve their desire by "Moving Up to the Next Level" of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division.
Services / Activities

The NYCSBA will set priorities, allocate resources, and serve as a unifying point of reference for coaches, staff members, youth, student-athletes and the community.

NYCSBA will implement the following Services and Activities to reach its goals:

       I.    Strengthening and Conditioning
       II.   Shooting and Dribbling Drills
       III.  Challenge Tournament
       IV.   College Profile and Video Presentation
        V.   College Referral Letters

YCSBA will add other future developmental components.  Services and Programs that will emphasis physical and academic studies preparation.  This will be based on future funding allocations. 

NYCSBA will be incorporated, as a public, not-for-profit basketball development association establish to serve the need of student-athletes in their pursuit of becoming a Collegiate Basketball Division player.  NYCSBA will recruit and enroll High School student-athletes to become the best they can be in their pursuit to reach a higher level.

NYCSBA: Participating Age Group: 16 through 19 and College Student-Athletes


Total points scored this season

 1. Gain as much exposure as you can 

  • You never know what coaches will be interested in recruiting you and what scholarships are out there for you 

2. Don't be afraid to contact college coaches

  • Be sure to ask questions and show the coach that you are really interested in their school and the sports program.  No coach will respond to a message that only says "Hi Coach, you should check me out". 

3. Work on your fundamentals, but also work on your grades

  • Bad grades will limit the number of schools that will accept you academically, so it is very important to keep your grades up.  Don't limit your athletic recruiting options and miss out on a great school because you didn't work hard in the classroom.


Highest score in a game

Average minutes played per game

Total steals this season

Average points per game

Average rebounds per game

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