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 NYCSBA Core Values are Centered: Where the well-being of the student-athlete is at the core of every decision.​

SBA will act with Integrity, with an unwavering commitment to do right and always to act with character, honesty, and in compliance with NYCSBA and NCAA rules and regulations.

SBA will implement and enforce a "Culture of Respect and Honor" and promote the principle of "Sportsmanship, Citizenship, Fairness and Inclusiveness".

NYCSBA measures success when it achieves and fulfills the following objectives;

        I.   Achieves 100% Partnership with Primary Schools

        II.   Measurable Improvement in Student-Athletes Overall Basketball Development

        III.  Measurable Improvement in Student-Athletes Overall Academic & College Placement

        IV.   Measurable Improvement in Student-Athletes Commitment to Community Involvement

NYCSBA will be incorporated, as a public, not-for-profit basketball development association establish to serve the needs of student-athletes in their pursuit of becoming a Collegiate Basketball Division player.  NYCSBA will recruit and enroll High School and College student-athletes to become the best they can be in the pursuit to reach a higher level.

NYCSBA: Participating Age Group - 16 through 19 and College Student-Athletes 

Core Values Statement
Values Statement
Key Measurement to Success

 NYCSBA believe student-athletes should have the positive mentoring that will direct them to participate in community and school programs.

NYCSBA believes the accomplishments of student-athletes should be celebrated and shared by the community.

NYCSBA believes in the value of community engagement and the importance of citizenship services.

Organization Summary
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